WestLink is led by strong developers with 15+ years of technical architecture experience. We know development because we come from that world, and we’re excited to share our passion for this work with you.

Meet Our Team

Top Experts at Your Service.

Roddy Richards

Founder, CEO

A technical architect and lead software engineer for enterprise and large government customers (Diageo North America, US Department of Health & Human Services, Salesforce Services, QlikTech International AB) as well as a venture-backed CTO over the past 15 years. Roddy has been a CEO and CTO for a series of successful companies and startups, among them: RescueID, Inc., Allify, JustSingIt app, and others. 


Olga Romanova

Director, Project Operations

Certified IT project manager and Scrum Master (CSM ®), has a master degree in Economics, finished post-graduate studies in Management. After quitting a manager position at the largest bank, Olga has focused on helping IT companies improve their processes and deliver projects. Each year Olga turns dozens of problematic projects into success stories.


Anna Dudnyk

Head of Design
Anna is passionate about generating new ideas ideas and turning them into creative and innovative user interface design. In her work she focuses on clean and custom design concepts rich with visual elements and easy-to-use navigation. Anna believes that Design is a Big Deal.

Denis Nichik

Full-stack WordPress Developer
In just the past three years, Denis has developed more than 120 projects around the world, ranging from small websites for non-profit organizations; to launching major online stores and web services with thousands of users. Denis is running a Youtube channel and enjoys travelling.

Alexey Bekish

DevOps Engineer and System Administrator
More than 17 years Alexey has been working with cloud solutions, various VPN technologies and Virtualization technologies, configuring LAMP servers, high loaded and high availabsolutions solutions. Working with Apache, NGINX, Haproxy. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases administration.

Ivan Lazarev

Full Stack JS developer
Ivan uses JS-patterns, newest technologies, and frameworks for building rich web/SPA applications. He enjoys working with JS-frameworks like React and Angular, and has years of experience developing websites/services and mobile applications (via Cordova, Ionic, React-Native, etc.).

Alina Jurca

QA Engineer
After completing a PhD in Marketing, Alina has switched to the IT industry working as a QA for more than six years now. She has participated in over two dozen projects from various industries, ranging from small business apps with a few hundred users to major e-commerce shops with several million clients. Alina takes full advantage of her marketing and business knowledge in assuring the best quality for the delivered products.

Pavel Kavaleu

Project Manager
Pavel has an MBA in Project Management. Pavel takes care of the client’s communication, directing tasks to the development team and makes sure things get done on time, budget, and with the best quality. Pavel is passionate about traveling and catching waves, surfing is what makes him happy.

Mikhail Zakipniy

Full stack developer
Mikhail has great skills in web and mobile development and loves learning new things. He’s had experience with developing projects from scratch and continuing ongoing projects. Mikhail works hard to be sure every project he’s working on will end up with success.

Illia Akhtyrtsev

Full stack developer
Ilia has skills in building RESTful APIs for applications using Python programming language and Django framework. He enjoys the process of solving extraordinary tasks and ready to expanding his skill set and staying up-to-date with current trends.

Dmitry Pusnyi

Full stack developer
Dmitry full-stack developer highly regarded for launching innovative websites and implementing systems that streamline processes for efficiency. Leverages user-experience to cultivate eye-catching digital content. Solid technical background demonstrated by using numerous front-end and back-end frameworks, programming languages and database management systems.

Dmitry Motrich

Project Manager

Dmitry has more than 6 years of experience leveraging IT projects. He is responsible for coordination and completion of projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget.


Alexandra Kavi

Project Manager
Alexandra is taking care of our projects and also does web design and illustration job. She likes making everybody comfy and satisfied. Always seeking a balance between a friendly and efficient working atmosphere.